Our Tinted Moisturizer Guide

Our Tinted Moisturizer Guide

The last thing we want these days is our full coverage foundation ending up on the back side of our masks. Most foundations aren't pore friendly (or non-comedogenic), causing dreaded #maskne. Enter tinted moisturizers - our light-weight no breakout makeup solution that will leave your skin glowing. Tinted moisturizers are a great alternative to foundation and will look and feel more natural on your skin.

How do you know which one is right for you?

Our tinted moisturizer guide is here! Find everything you need to know about choosing the right formula for your skin & elevating your makeup routine with products that contain ingredients that support rather than harm your skin. While choosing the right colour tint is important, it is equally as important to choose the formula that is best suited for your skin too.

tinted moisturizer collection

Choose BB Cream if you have oily-combination skin. BB Cream provides optimal moisture, conceals & evens out blemishes and smooths the skin’s surface, giving you a radiant complexion. All while protecting with SPF 15!

BB Cream for Oily & Combination Skin

Choose CC Cream if you are looking for a universal colour corrector. CC Cream blends with your skin pigment to correct any minor blemishes, redness and reduces the look of fine lines & wrinkles. It contains soybean oil which wakes up the skin! It’s the perfect choice to give your skin a finished look. 

CC Cream for All Skin Types
Choose DD Cream if you have dry or mature skin. DD cream reduces fine lines, and contains anti-aging ingredients to disguise the look of wrinkles and protect against sun rays with SPF 15. 
DD Cream for Dry Mature Skin
We have also kept our colour choices simple at arcaya. Choose "natural 01" for light to medium skin tones and "sand 02" for tan to darker skin tones. Give one of these tinted moisturizers a try and your skin will thank you for #feedingyourskin with great ingredients!
For 10% off our tinted moisturizers + a free ampoule sample, use code TINTED10 at checkout. 
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